Feature Pet: Gus the Tibetan Terrier

I recently read an article discussing the disputed phenomenon known as “Black Dog Syndrome“. Basically, staff who work at animal shelters have found that black dogs are less likely to be adopted than lighter coloured dogs. There are a few theories as to why – superstition, black dogs being view as aggressive, black fur showing up more on light coloured clothing and larger breeds being more frequently dark coloured (and larger dogs are harder to re-home). One theory is that many people turn to Internet profiles to help them choose a dog, and black dogs are harder to photograph well. This theory inspired photographer Fred Levy to create the Black Dogs Project, a collection of beautiful pictures of black dogs against a black backdrop.

I certainly discovered that black dogs are difficult to take good pictures of last weekend when I met this months feature pet – Gus the Tibetan Terrier! Coupled with the fact that Gus is a rambunctious 5 month old; he proved to be a very tricky subject.

Do you have any great snaps of your black pooch? I’d love to see your pictures!


Feature Pet: Aztec the Russian Blue

I’d like to introduce you to my dads fabulous feline – Aztec the 15-year-old Russian Blue. I’m babysitting Aztec for a few months while my dad’s house is being renovated.

My dad has some specific preferences when choosing a kitty companion – short hair, and one single coloured coat (sorry torties, tabbies and tuxedo cats). Which colour doesn’t matter so much; he’s had several whites, greys, blacks and even a gorgeous red Abyssinian. Aztecs blue colouring certainly caught his eye!

I was so impressed when Aztec first arrived at our place. She wasn’t shell-shocked or scared, in moments she was calmly surveying her surroundings and greeting her new temporary carers. Such a difference to what I’m used to seeing in cats arriving at boarding condos! She learned to be comfortable in new places from moving house so much early in her life, seldom staying in one place for more than 2 years.

It’s been really great to have a kitty to cuddle when I’m feeling down in my job hunt these past weeks.


Pets of Kinglake

On this cold and cloudy day we escaped the hustle and bustle of our inner-city home, to visit Marina’s (my partners mum) picturesque property in Kinglake, Victoria, Australia. Cold and foggy day. Beautiful view over the Yarra Valley from Kinglake Happily, the property is home to a myriad of animals; so I took the opportunity to practice some animal photography.

Waddling duckies. Nameless chooks.

Matilda the Goat.

This portrait of Matilda the goat is my favourite picture of the day.

Rufus the Kelpie in his dorky orange collar.

Kitten-Cat being beautiful.

Claws out!

Kitten-Cat being annoyed.

Portrait of Dorian the goat.

This is Dorian, an eight month old, one-horned goat adopted from the good people at the Collingwood Children’s Farm.

Butters in the laundry basket.

Don’t worry, that’s not a real bearskin in the background.

Pot-bellied goat Matilda Metal dog. Rufus the Sook